July 31, 2012

New features: Annotations and Benchmarks


We launched two new features to the Localytics mobile app analytics platform this week: annotations and category benchmarks. Annotations are available to all users immediately, while Enterprise subscribers have access to benchmarks.


Customers can now put notes directly on their graphs with annotations, creating an easily-visible note indicating an important event. For example, a new app version reaching the App Store or the start of a new advertising campaign should have an annotation made on that date. Annotations can be viewed on all daily usage charts.

Localytics app analytics now offers annotations

Annotations can be accessed via your Localytics dashboard by clicking the word bubble at the bottom left of your app’s main usage graph.


Enterprise subscribers now have a Key Metrics and Benchmarks section on the dashboards for their apps. This section compares the apps’ key performance indicators – sessions, users, new users, average and median session length – both to the app’s category and an aggregate of all apps tracked by Localytics.

With at-a-glance simplicity, Benchmarks can inform marketers on the relative successes of their apps quickly and easily, and can also see whether their key user metrics are trending in the right direction.

Localytics app analytics now offers benchmarks to compare Enterprise-level apps with other apps in their category

Try out the new features

To see annotations in action, log into your Dashboard or check out the Localytics demo. If you’re interested in a live demo of Benchmarks, contact Localytics sales.


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