March 22, 2012

Only 6% of iPad App Sessions On Cellular Connection


Apple has reportedly sold over 3 million of the new, 3rd-generation iPads, whose main selling points are updated internals, a Retina display and available 4G LTE connectivity. The first two seem to be driving the quick sales, but the cellular-enabled variants seem to be comparatively unpopular, perhaps because of how quickly they are capable of crushing limited data plans. We looked into all iPad usage of apps with Localytics app analytics since the launch to see how many devices connected via a cellular network, and how often cellular-enabled iPads used 3G or 4G vs. WiFi.

Only 6 percent of iPad sessions are on 3G or 4G connections, according to app analytics provider Localytics Author

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  • Fred222

    The statistics quoted are somewhat deceptive.

    I have a 4G cellular iPad, and I use it every time I’m on the road. There’s nothing like being able to surf the web while at the beach, or anywhere else, without worrying about finding hotspots.

    However, when I’m at home, with my WiFi network readily available, it would be foolish not to use “free” WiFi when I’m streaming a Netflix movie on my iPad in bed.

    Since I’m at home more often than not, and since I watch Netflix far more often at home, of course my stats would show that I use WiFi more than cellular. But that’s only at home, where cellular isn’t necessary. I wouldn’t give up my cellular connection for anything. On the road, it’s priceless.

  • Vishwanath Edavayyanamath

    WiFi Offload technology will soon change this scenario as well on the road if operators deploy HotSpot 2.0 compliant WiFi APs and in public spaces, Offices and home you have wifi which you can seamlessly offload netflix for better QoS.