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Attribution & Remarketing

Go beyond the download to maximize marketing ROI

You spend a lot of time and money acquiring new customers - hoping they will spend their time and money in your app. In a world where 25% of apps are only used once, acquiring the right users and unlocking their full value is the key to paid marketing ROI.

Localytics is a Facebook Marketing Partner and works with the world’s leading ad networks to cover 85% of the mobile ad market. Use Attribution to optimize your acquisition spend towards the sources and campaigns that deliver your most valuable, engaged users. Run targeted Remarketing campaigns to ensure that they keep coming back.



  • Track user acquisition campaigns with major ad networks, including Facebook
  • View user engagement data broken down by acquisition source and campaign
  • Understand where to spend your ad budget to acquire the most valuable users

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  • Remarket to users with personalized advertisements on Facebook and other ad networks
  • Export Localytics Audiences for flexible targeting based on in-app behavior and profile data
  • Measure the ROI of your remarketing campaigns in Localytics


Successful app strategies need powerful analytics

Apps are no longer a secondary channel for your brand - they are now the way customers find and engage with you. The key to increasing mobile ROI is to consistently provide an app experience that your users love.

Using Localytics, you can blend customer information from inside and outside the app to create a 360-degree view of your users. You can leverage this in-app behavior and profile data to develop data-informed app marketing strategies that resonate with the customer.



  • Collect any information you have about your users from both inside and outside the app
  • Manage and share data across channels to build a well-rounded marketing strategy
  • Target the right user, with the right message at the right time using Profiles, and keep them engaged with your app

Sessions and Events

  • Know when, how long, and how frequently people use the app
  • See what actions users perform the most to find out what's working
  • Use your data to prompt in-app events that drive user engagement


  • Get the data you need to reduce drop-offs and boost conversion
  • Create funnels in real-time or retroactively to follow any sequence of events
  • Focus on each step of the funnel to learn what converts and what doesn't


  • Use analytics insights to create dynamic, customized user segments
  • Filter analytics reports by segments to compare engagement
  • Track how your segments evolve over time

Personalized Messaging

Smart marketing requires a personal touch

The right message at the right time won’t work if you’re reaching the wrong people. Personalized push campaigns have been shown to drive double the clicks and triple the conversions compared to broadcast campaigns.

Localytics messaging is fully integrated with our analytics, so you can create flexible target audiences based on user data and preferences, and reach users with messages that make them love your app. Leverage A/B testing in each of your push, in-app, and email campaigns to learn what works with each audience, and make your marketing smarter every time.



  • Power targeted push, in-app, email, and remarketing campaigns
  • Join session, event, and profile data to create flexible target segments
  • Easily define custom audiences of subscribers, heavy users, churn-risk users, and more

Push Messaging

  • Drive users into the app and boost conversion with personalized push notifications
  • Get the timing right with custom scheduling and automated campaigns
  • Trigger instant notifications to individuals or audiences through the Localytics Push API

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In-App Messaging

  • Engage users while they’re in the app to highlight new features and prompt conversion
  • Trigger messages to display when a user does a specific action in the app
  • Customize the creative assets to make messages pop and add deep links to guide users to the right place

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  • Complete your cross-channel marketing strategy with dynamic email content
  • Reach users outside the app, even if they disabled push notifications
  • Import email lists and automatically manage subscription status through Localytics Profiles

A/B Testing

  • Test up to 10 message variants in each push, in-app or email campaign
  • Measure real-time campaign performance against a control group
  • Learn what messaging works and iterate quickly

Omnichannel Profiles

A people centered approach to app analytics and marketing

Do you collect information on your customers that you want to make actionable? Localytics Profiles allow you to integrate customer information across the systems that you're already using (i.e. CRM, support tools, in-store activity) so that you can achieve a unified marketing strategy across all marketing channels. Send targeted messages to encourage people to complete their purchase through your mobile app if they've abandoned their cart on the web. Build loyalty by giving your most loyal users special offers in the app and cross promote brand communication and events. Profiles is the way to tie your marketing communication strategies together - both inside and outside the app - to drive personalized engagement

Why Omnichannel Profiles?

  • Integrate customer data: Combine and connect customer information from both inside and outside the app
  • Unify your marketing strategy: Achieve a truly integrated marketing strategy across all channels
  • Personalize your app experience: Drive intelligently targeted marketing campaigns with profile and behavioral data

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