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World-class analytics that are granular and in real time


How frequently do people visit my app?

How long does the average user spend per visit?

  • Know when, how long, and how frequently people use the app
  • Track improvements in sessions, session length, and session interval
  • Gain insights to drive more timely relevant app marketing


What are people doing in my app?

What are the different ways users interact?

  • Measure app events and break them down by their attributes
  • See what actions users perform the most to find out what's working
  • Use your data to encourage in-app events that drive user engagement


Why aren't my app users converting?

Where do users drop off and what do they do next?

  • Get the data you need to reduce drop-offs and boost conversion
  • Create funnels in real-time or retroactively to follow any sequence of events
  • Drill into each step of the funnel to learn what converts and what doesn't


Do different user segments do different things in my app?

Is the new version of my app performing better than the old one?

  • Fully customize your reports to make them more relevant to your business
  • Filter and split your data by any dimension, in real time
  • Use our auto-populated dimensions to gain even more actionable insights


All the data you need to truly understand your customers

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What are the demographics of my app users?

How do I incorporate user information from outside the app - my website or retail store?

  • Combine customer information from both inside and outside the app
  • Manage and share data across channels to build a well-rounded marketing strategy
  • Run powerful marketing campaigns based on customer behaviors and profiles


Is retention improving with each app release?

Which features or actions hold users' attention longest?

  • Understand how your actions impact user loyalty by tracking retention
  • See if different user groups come back to your app, and for how long
  • Use event-based retention to see which in-app actions keep users engaged


How many users made a purchase in the last 15 days?

How many users read 10 articles this week, but didn't subscribe?

  • Use analytics insights to create dynamic, customized user segments
  • Filter analytics reports by segments to compare engagement
  • Track how your segments evolve over time

Lifetime Value

How valuable is the average app user?

What makes some users more valuable than others?

  • Gauge your app’s ROI with comprehensive lifetime value reporting
  • Define and track user lifetime value based on what matters to your business
  • Filter and split lifetime value reports to profile your most valuable users


The tools you want to drive personalized and targeted engagement

Push Messaging

How do I re-engage users before they churn?

How can I re-engage users who I haven't seen in a while?

  • Drive people into your app and re-engage them so they keep coming back
  • Schedule a one-time push or automate recurring campaigns
  • Simplify personalized and automated messages with targeting and data

In-App Messaging

How can I let users know about new app features?

How do I get users to rate my app?

  • Communicate with users while they're in your app
  • Use custom creative to make messages pop; add deep links to guide users
  • Use in-app messages to highlight features, get feedback, and boost conversion


Where should I invest my advertising dollars?

Which acquisition campaigns bring in the most valuable app users?

  • Track user acquisition campaigns with major ad networks, including Facebook
  • View data insights broken down by each acquisition source and campaign
  • Measure in-app conversion and find valuable users for future ad investments

A/B Testing

What call to actions should I use in my campaigns?

What creative drives the most conversions?

  • Learn what resonates: Test multiple variants for each push or in-app campaign
  • Track real-time performance to identify what drives engagement and loyalty
  • Test and iterate quickly to build your app marketing strategy