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Salesforce Contact Builder With Localytics

In order to build a deep, personalized relationship with each customer, you need to take advantage of every interaction that customer has with your brand. This means joining your digital and mobile marketing efforts. It’s a daunting challenge. In fact, only 6% of marketers claim to have a single view of their customers. That’s why Localytics and Salesforce have partnered to create the Localytics Connector, a fast and simple solution that not only merges your digital and mobile data into one complete picture of your users, but also allows you to build immersive marketing campaigns that take advantage of both digital and mobile marketing channels.



Data Silos Lead to Poor Engagement

If you aren’t combining your digital and mobile data, chances are you’re unintentionally conducting bad user engagement. What does bad engagement look like? It can take many forms, but here is one common scenario:

A user who has regularly visited your website for several months suddenly stops returning. After 30 days without a visit, the user is automatically sent an email via Salesforce Marketing Cloud saying, “We miss you.” The only problem is, the user never left. They simply stopped visiting the website because they started using your app instead.



See the Complete Picture

The Localytics Connector makes it easy to automatically share data between your Localytics and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) accounts. Take advantage of Localytics-specific information like location, date of last app session, or Predictions segmentation to create more relevant SFMC messages, site personalization, and more. Simultaneously, you can leverage SFMC Contact data like demographics, personal preferences, or email behavior to improve your Localytics marketing campaigns. You can even share custom data like average order value or NPS score between the two platforms.



Build Cross-Channel Customer Journeys

Journey Builder from Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a fantastic tool that helps you easily create sophisticated and personally relevant interactions with your customers. The Localytics Connector makes this tool even more powerful by letting you include Localytics push notifications directly in your Journey Builder campaigns. You can also configure Journey Builder to modify a user’s Localytics Profile data based on the path they take in a campaign.


Localytics Push Notification in Journey Builder

For example, you can create a campaign where users who have abandoned their shopping cart on your website are sent a Localytics push notification reminding them that there are items in their cart. If a user doesn’t open the push notification, they are sent a follow up SFMC email offering free shipping if they complete their order. Finally, if the user doesn’t open the email, Journey Builder can change the custom Localytics Profile Attribute “Has Abandoned Cart” from “No” to “Yes.” This new attribute can be used to do things like send the user additional Localytics in-app, inbox, or remarketing messages.