Optimize your mobile app attribution and acquire great users

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Measure and Manage All Your User Acquisition Campaigns

Connect user engagement and revenue back to the source — no matter what marketing channels you’re using to acquire new app users.

Localytics’ mobile app attribution solution lets you analyze and compare all of your acquisition campaigns in one place, helping you to understand where your most valuable app users come from. Use this information to optimize your ad spend and focus on attracting the best customers possible.


Localytics mobile app attribution dashboard



When it comes to ad networks, Localytics covers over 85% of the mobile ad market and is the only mobile analytics and marketing platform that is a certified Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner and Twitter Official Partner.


Localytics Attribution Partners



If you run email, web, or SMS acquisition campaigns, you can use custom redirect URLs and device fingerprinting to get the same sorts of detailed attribution insights you enjoy with campaigns run through ad networks or tracking vendors. 


Acquire Valuable Users with Event Postbacks

Event postbacks share info about conversions in your app with your ad partners so you can ensure that your ad campaigns are driving conversions, not just installs. Localytics is the only platform to offer event postbacks combined with hyper-granular downstream analytics and marketing capabilities.

You can set event postbacks for a variety of ad vendors including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Applovin, AdColony, and Liftoff.


Localytics Event Postbacks for attributing & sharing conversions with ad partners



Localytics attribution lets you track performance at the ad set and creative levelUncover Granular Insights with Ads and Ad Sets

Drill down past the source and campaign level to see how ad sets and individual creatives are performing. Use this attribution data to align future bidding and scheduling efforts, and optimize your ad creative strategy.


Engage Users After the Download

Users from each source can be very different and respond to messaging in different ways. Target users you acquired from a specific network or campaign with personalized push notification or in-app messaging campaigns to deepen their engagement with your mobile app. You can even track users acquired from a specific campaign as a segment in Localytics to learn how their app engagement changes over time.


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