Target the right mobile app users using custom audiences

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Put Your Data to Work with Audiences

Finding the right users to engage is half the battle and Localytics has all the data you need to make the best targeting decisions possible. Easily create audiences to target mobile app users based on their in-app behavior, demographic information or previous interactions with marketing campaigns. Build audiences using any session, event, attribute, and profile data you collect in Localytics. Target as broadly as “users who haven’t visited my app in the past 5 days” or as granularly as “women in Chicago who read a specific article and haven’t purchased a subscription,” to drive any app engagement goal.

A Beginner’s Guide to App Marketing


How to create audiences to target mobile app users effectively with Localytics


Power Targeted Engagement Across Channels

The audiences you build are the backbone of personalized push, in-app, and inbox messaging campaigns, but they also drive connections outside the Localytics ecosystem as well. Export audiences to Facebook and other ad networks to reach your users with re-engagement ads, and make sure great data powers even more of your marketing efforts.


How to target app users on different ad networks with Localytics

Keep Your Most Important Audiences Accessible

Know how many users are in each audience and how many campaigns you’ve sent to each group. Easily see which audiences need more engagement love, and retarget saved audiences with new campaigns.


Localytics Audiences size & type dashboard



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