Mobile App Conversion, Retention, and LTV

Deeper insights to optimize app engagement for better app retention & conversion

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Understand Conversion with Funnels

Funnels help you understand the flow of user activity, so you can optimize key points of the experience. Create custom funnels to track any chain of events in your mobile app, from onboarding and registration to purchase and subscription. Understand success rate and identify drop-off points. Dig deeper into any step of the funnel to see what attributes of the user or event are correlated with higher conversion rates. Learn exactly where and when to nudge users with an engagement campaign to boost conversion in your mobile app.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Analyzing App Funnels

Localytics Funnels report for understanding mobile app conversion



Analyze Retention by Cohort

Finally understand user retention trends in detail, for either the app as a whole or for specific behaviors. View daily, weekly, and monthly retention reports by cohort – groups of users based on date of first app session – to analyze retention patterns in your app. Filter retention reports by any dimension to understand which users are most loyal. Easily spot trends in retention over time to understand how your engagement strategy impacts user loyalty.

The 2016 App Marketing Guide

Localytics mobile app retention report



Drive Revenue with Lifetime Value Insights

Get a grasp on how much value each user is bringing to your business, and how your app marketing efforts impact your bottom line. Localytics lifetime value (LTV) reporting gives you insight into how revenue, transactions, average revenue per user, and average revenue per paying user are trending. Filter these reports by acquisition source or any other dimension to understand which user segments have the greatest lifetime value, so you can and acquire and nurture more app users like them.

Localytics app user lifetime value report



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