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Lifecycle-ColorWe’re passionate about helping customers drive engagement across the entire user lifecycle, to that end we are bringing to market world-class technology, marketing and analytics expertise to our customers.

To deliver on mission, Localytics is introducing new technical services packages that derive even more value out of your app marketing and analytics investments.

Our Technology Services team will help implement and enhance the Localytics platform by delivering on projects that impact the entire user lifecycle.

Localytics Implementation Package

The Localytics Implementation Package is designed for new and existing customers who are looking to instrument Localytics into their app. A Localytics Solution Consultant will provide you with the technical guidance to properly instrument Localytics as well as provide education sessions on features purchased.

Package Includes:

  • Localytics Solution Consultant to guide your team through instrumentation
  • Covers the technical instrumentation of one app on iOS, Android and/or Web
  • Tailored integration guide including Localytics best practices as well as personalized recommendations based on your app and business needs
  • Integration data reviews throughout the project to ensure best practices are being followed
  • Integration report cards for your development team that grades their progress and ensures best practices are being followed
  • Series of educational sessions of features purchased including Messaging features (Push, In-App, Email, Places), Customer ID, Profiles, Audiences and Attribution
  • Ad-hoc/Reactive technical support through the 90 days of the project for one-off technical questions/assistance


Spend money on mobile marketing and attribution wisely. Receive recommendations from experienced professionals and learn to grow your app and business.

Package Includes:

  • Ad network consulting session
  • Audit report – current app state
  • Localytics support while running 3 attribution campaigns
  • Final report – recap and recommended next steps

Profiles Integration

Understand best practices for integrating Profiles into the Localytics platform and receive a completed integration for one (1) system, gaining fast access to all of your custom data collected outside of your app.

Package Included:

  • Kickoff session With Localytics Services team
  • Integration for one (1) system (e.g.: CRM,
    email platform)
  • Localytics QA process for integrated system
  • Final report – recap and recommended next steps


Learn how to retain your users by delivering value with your app. Turn infrequent users into power users.

Package Includes:

  • Retention best practice session with Localytics Services team
  • Audit report designed to evaluate current status
  • Custom Retention report with recommendations and next steps.

Must have:
6 months of back data to analyze


The remarketing package pairs well with the retention package for a full understanding and recommendations on how you can improve retention and better manage churn.

Package Includes:

  • Kickoff session with Localytics Services team
  • Audit report – churn analysis
  • Localytics support while launching one (1) remarketing campaign on Facebook
  • Final report – recap and recommendations

Must have:
Purchased Remarketing software add-on.

Advanced Technical Resource Package

This package is ideal for organizations looking for a more
on-demand approach to technical resources. In addition to receiving a dedicated Localytics Customer Success Manager, a technical resource from the Services team will be available for a block of 8 hrs/month to tackle the more complex technical inquiries.

Package Includes:

  • Dedicated resource from the Technical Services team
  • 8 hrs/ month to work with the dedicated resource on more technically advanced or challenging inquiries
  • Resource will be available on both an ad-hoc basis as well as scheduled sessions to cover specific customer topics

Localytics Ad Network Package

With our new custom Ad Network package, we will fully integrate with an ad network of your choice. You will see this ad network full integrated in the Localytics dashboard and we will be able to attribute users to the campaigns you run via this network.

Package Includes:

  • The same attribution features of many of our other ad network partners
  • Complete Localytics dashboard integration including attribution analytics
  • Event Postbacks (if requested, and supported by ad network)


SDK Integration

Localytics offers two tiers of assistance with SDK integrations. Receive fast, hands-on help where we get you up and running successfully and seeing the benefits quickly.

Onsite Support

A Localytics Services team member will work onsite with you or your technical team to get the integration implemented and tested.

Package Includes:

  • Localytics resource onsite to deploy the Localytics platform with your dev team
  • Localytics standard QA process
  • Custom Report with recommendations and next steps

Remote Support

Receive dedicated support from a Localytics Services team member to integrate Localytics SDK with you or your dev team.

Package Includes:

  • Remote working sessions in which a Localytics Services team member integrates the Localytics platform with you or your dev team
  • Localytics standardized QA
  • Custom Report with recommendations and next steps

Must have:

  • Using native code (Objective C/Swift for iOS and Java for Android, not hybrid HTML5 framework)
  • Granted access to mobile app codebase