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Personalize Messages with Dynamic Content

Your users will love getting messages that are useful, personalized, and relevant. The difference from a generic campaign is staggering, with up to 3x higher conversion. With Localytics, you don’t have to create dozens of highly specific campaigns to personalize. Use Dynamic Messaging to drop profile attributes directly into your message content, such as first name, home city, favorite sports team, or any custom content logic you can imagine. Localytics enables you to create the quality experience your users want.

How to Use Personalization to Create a Great App Experience

How to Create Truly Awesome In-App and Push Messaging Content


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Create an End-To-End Experience with Personalized Deep Links

When you tap on a push message, you want to be taken to the exact place in the app that’s relevant to that message. With Localytics, you can use dynamic profile content in deep links to make personalized, relevant connections when someone engages with a message. Use personalized deep links to direct users to content recommended just for them. For example, a push notification promoting a new issue of your magazine could link users to different articles based on their favorite article category.


Reach Users in Their Native Language and Time Zone

Apps don’t have borders. With users around the world, you can’t use one language or time zone to send your messages. Localytics dynamic messaging gives you the tools to easily localized messages for any language or country. Scheduling messages for the user’s local time zone is easy: just check a box, and it’s 5 o’clock everywhere.



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