Premium Support Packages

The Localytics Support team is dedicated to your success. We offer premium add-ons that provide access to faster response times, dedicated resources, and live chat. No matter how complex the need, our support team is here to help you resolve issues and get things done. 


About the Support Features


Knowledge Base

We have a large library of help articles, strategy videos, release notes and developer content that you can use to help get up to speed on using the product.


Dashboard Support Form

To ensure the quickest routing of all support tickets, you can submit your requests through the Localytics Dashboard. This is the best way to submit a case because it allows customers to provide account specific details and it also allows Localytics to direct the case to the right teams almost immediately. 


Email Support

For your convenience, you are also able to reach Localytics Support by emailing This method should be leveraged if you are unable to access the Localytics Dashboard directly. 



Our support engineers can be reached by direct Chat in the Localytics Dashboard for Gold and Platinum packaged customers during business hours. This allows instant contact to our senior support engineering for quick triage of any support issue.


Dedicated Support

With the Platinum support package, you also have access to a dedicated support engineer. You'll have a specific email alias to reach the support engineer who is assigned to your account. They'll take the lead on your tickets and have an ongoing familiarity with your Localytics set up.



Localytics Customer Support Scope 

Covered Services

Under the above support packages, Localytics provides support for the features included in your Localytics subscription, as follows:


Installation and Configuration Issues

  • Installation of application dependencies

  • Best practices for configuration of supported application dependencies

  • General questions about supported functionality 


  • Identifying problems preventing an application from starting or running with Localytics
  • Providing workarounds or resolutions for technical issues related to the SDK.

  • Answering general questions regarding the Localytics dashboard, and providing guidance via documentation

  • Troubleshooting supported software integrations showing erratic or faulty behavior on Localytics, independent of the user's application code (ie. issues with Localytics' API's)

Not Covered

Localytics' customer support services do not extend to the following areas:

  • General debugging of mobile applications not related to the Localytics SDK
  • Writing or rewriting application code for compatibility with Localytics
  • Modifying and/or patching third party or Open Source software packages for compatibility with Localytics
  • Creation of marketing materials (i.e. HTML files for in-app messages, Push message copy)

For additional information about Localytics Support or to discuss adding on premium support please email your account manager.