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Drive Re-Engagement and Conversion with Facebook Ads

Remarketing directly connects Localytics’ powerful segmentation engine to your Facebook ads account, so you can reach users with personalized ads outside your mobile app.

You start by creating custom remarketing audiences based on a customer’s app usage history, profile data, or predictive analytics. You then export these audiences to your Facebook Ads account or other ad networks. The end result is customers see far more targeted and relevant digital display ads, increasing the chances that they re-engage with your app and convert.

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Easily Measure Campaign ROI

As a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, Localytics measures post-click behavior and conversions from all your Facebook campaigns, enabling you to easily understand the ROI of every advertising dollar. See what’s working and what’s not to optimize ad spend, iterate on campaign targeting, and maximize your return.

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Improve Acquisition ROI with Lookalikes

Make acquisition easier by targeting people who resemble your most successful app users. Export audiences of highly engaged users to Facebook, then use Facebook’s Lookalike feature to discover new audiences of highly qualified users for your acquisition campaigns. Zipcar used this technique to improve new user engagement by 30%.





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