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Your digital transformation strategy needs a refresh. Why?
Because the industry has changed drastically in the last two to three years:


Service providers have no choice but to accelerate your digital transformation programs and make better use of your customer data or face the wrath of lower average revenue per user (ARPU) and lost customers.

Localytics partners with global service providers to accelerate digital transformation and enhance digital and customer experiences.

Our customers are capitalizing on our digital
intelligence to transform their business.


A large, tier 1 operator drove $10 million of incremental revenue through a more personalized
user engagement strategy for their cloud print business.

Put your digital transformation into overdrive with our solution for service providers.

Mitigate and prevent customer churn

Traditional methods to mitigate churn are no longer enough. With mobile penetration approaching 100%, new subscriber growth is flat, making customer retention paramount. Reducing churn rates by 3-5 basis points can result in multi-million dollar savings.

Localytics churn reduction solution allows you to get proactive and prescriptive about churn. Our platform tracks and monitors subscriber behavior and then applies ML and AI to predict churn. Taking it a step further, using service provider data, like historic churn data, dropped call rates, traffic congestion, or even quality of experience, data scientists can determine a customer’s propensity to churn.

Let us help you discover which customers are likely to churn and take action ahead of time.

Some of our customers have achieved an estimated savings of 3.5M per month via Localytics churn reduction


Nail the omnichannel customer journey

Customers have multiple ways to interact with service providers – mobile, web, social media, email, and in-store. This provides flexibility, but creates challenges to track, monitor and understand what’s happening at each touchpoint given disparate systems across the customer journey.

Localytics enables you to bring all of your customer data from wherever it resides into a single view, so you can effectively understand and map the customer journey to provide unique offers and services that truly fit each customer’s needs. With this digital intelligence, you will be able to craft contextual customer engagements that resonate and delight your customers, increasing loyalty and retention. You’ll get a 360 view of your customer interactions to understand customer behavior, optimize services and cross-sell to drive ARPU.

Improve customer engagement
with self-service options

Best-in-class service providers are introducing self-service capabilities as core features to their account management apps, giving customers greater control over their services. Moving to all digital engagements can improve the overall customer experience in up to 76% of customers.

Using Localytics’ powerful APIs to exchange required data between customer apps and OSS/BSS systems, you can leverage your customer-facing apps to enable customers to purchase additional GBs on their data plans, or acquire a roaming package to schedule a field technician visit to their home or business.

Self service as a means to greater customer engagement can also reduce call center OPEX by up 25-30% and it can also increase your ARPU.

One Localytics
customer has
reduced call
volumes in
their call center
by 0%.

A large service
provider drove a
increase in revenue
based on a 1%
increase in ARPU

Drive deeper personalization

A whopping 59% of customers say that personalization influences their purchase decisions.

Personalization is the number one mechanism to grow and retain customers. Consumers expect personalized experiences from every brand, including their service providers.

From interactions that keep them informed of their data usage, to cross-sell offers for 2-play and 3-play discounts and features, customers want personal, relevant experiences in real-time.

Localytics’ digital intelligence enables you to create a more personal, meaningful, and contextual customer engagements. Using first party data, you can identify and execute opportunities for cross-app engagement, cross-selling and cross-adoption. We also ingest third party operator data and correlate it against first party data to enable you to compete more effectively with Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google and web-scale companies. By introducing customer data like geo-location, viewing habits and behavior of video and non-video content, you can construct new service offerings and drive more engagement with your customers.

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