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Predictions is the first and only predictive app marketing solution built on state-of-the-art predictive modeling techniques. In an age where 25% of apps are only used once, Predictions gives you the foresight and action you need to understand and influence how your users behave to maximize engagement, retention and conversion across the user lifecycle.

Discover how users are going to behave and why

Localytics Predictions helps you understand the user behaviors most related to churn and conversion via real-time likelihood segments broken into low, medium, and high buckets. Who are the users that are likely to churn or convert? Target users based on their expected value.

  • Who are the users that are likely to churn or convert?
  • How many users have a high likelihood of churn or conversion?
  • How can you target users based on their expected value?

Uncover early signs of future behavior across the user lifecycle

Within each likelihood segment, understand the user behaviors related to churn or conversion. For example, get answers to:

  • What are high churn risk users doing or not doing in my app?
  • What are the behaviors related to users with low churn risk?
  • What are the behaviors that indicate whether or not a user will convert?

Understand the user behaviors and attributes most tightly linked to churn or conversion

Within each likelihood segment, understand the user attributes related to churn or conversion. Get answers to the following questions:

  • Where do users with a low conversion likelihood live?
  • What language do users with a high churn risk likelihood speak?
  • How does churn or conversion likelihood change based on the app version of my users?

Create targeted engagement campaigns based on predicted user behavior

Putting users into likelihood segments isn’t enough. That’s why Predictions allows you to take action and influence future user behavior using Localytics Marketing. Reach the right users at the right time with the right message.

  • Boost conversion by proactively targeting people most likely to purchase
  • Prevent churn by preemptively engaging users with a high likelihood of leaving
  • Use Localytics Marketing tools to automate and optimize your campaigns

“With Localytics Predictions we have discovered many interesting metrics that affect churn that we wouldn't have otherwise known. Being able to see and understand the factors that influence churn with Localytics Predictions lets me plan effective campaigns without asking for help from my business intelligence team. As internal resources can be hard to come by, it is great to be able to rely on Localytics to find that information for me.”

Erik Kubik, Online Marketing Executive

Customer Success Story: Onefootball Reduces Churn by 7.5%

Onefootball is the best app for football fans worldwide. Based out of Berlin, Onefootball is helping fans of over 100 international leagues stay connected to the game with live scores, game highlights, and the latest football news.

Problem: Onefootball wanted a way to identify users with the highest risk of churning, and proactively target them with personalized messages to keep them active in the app during the offseason.

Solution: Using Localytics Predictions, Onefootball was able to identify user behavior patterns that were indicative of churn, which they defined as 30+ consecutive days of inactivity. The Predictions product produced an algorithm that was able to predict a user’s likelihood of churning- low, medium, or high.

Results: Predictions was a huge success for Onefootball, resulting in a 7.5% reduction in churn.

Read their story ›

“Because of Localytics Predictions, we now have an easy, scalable and scientific way to reduce churn in our app, and help more football fans stay in tune with their favorite teams.”

Thies Gruning, Mobile Marketing Manager

Localytics Predictions gives you the ability to forecast how app users are likely to behave in the future, and proactively communicate with users based on that forecast. Localytics will use historical user behavioral data from your app to create unique algorithms that will help you predict which of your users have a low, medium or high likelihood of churning or converting (aka "likelihood segments").

We'll show you these likelihood segments directly in the Localytics Dashboard. We'll also show you the top related behaviors and user attributes associated with your churn and conversion likelihood segments, and provide you with the tools you need to act on these likelihood segments so that you can prevent users from leaving your app, or alternatively-drive users to convert.

Identify users that are at a high risk of churn, and offering them an incentive -- such as access to a new feature -- to continue their relationship with your brand and your app.

Discover the key behaviors that are early indicators of user retention; one example of this is from Facebook's growth team -- which found that users who add 7 friends in their first 10 days are more likely to be retained.

Discover the key user attributes that are related to purchase behaviors; for example, users on iPhone 6 Plus devices and AT&T as their network carrier have a higher conversion rate than your average user.

There is a separate, MAU-based add-on cost for Predictions. Please contact your Account Manager or fill out the form above for more pricing details.

We consider a variety of data inputs including the recency, frequency, timing, and volume of user sessions and events, and the interaction of these elements over a user's lifetime.

Yes. Predictions are created specifically for your users. We will work with you to help you define what churn or conversion means for your business and the algorithms we run will be based off of these definitions.

We recommend at least 2 months of user behavior data at a minimum, but in some cases we can start making predictions using less data. Please know that 2-6 months worth of historical data is ideal and can help us create more accurate algorithms.

We highly recommend setting aside a control group when creating campaigns based on Predictions in order to measure changes in your target metric. Separately, all of our predictive models target an F-score of 0.75.

About Localytics

Localytics is a lifecycle engagement platform for web and mobile apps. Our integrated approach to app marketing and analytics helps customers automate and optimize every stage of the app lifecycle to keep their users engaged and to deliver more personalized experiences. Localytics is used in more than 37,000 apps on more than 2.7 billion devices by companies such as ESPN, eBay, Fox and The New York Times. Localytics is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in San Francisco and London. Investors include Sapphire Ventures, Foundation Capital and Polaris Partners. Learn more at localytics.com.

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