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Jan 24, 2017

Localytics Launches Major Update to True Impact Campaign Reporting


Marketers can now easily optimize their mobile efforts toward the goals that matter most

BOSTON, January 24, 2017: Localytics, the leading mobile engagement platform, today announced the general availability of the next generation of its revolutionary campaign reporting tool, True Impact. The new True Impact includes a completely redesigned interface, fully integrated goals framework and advanced granular campaign analytics and metrics that help marketers better connect their mobile initiatives to their business goals.

“Localytics is known for being the platform of choice for data-driven marketers and never has that been more true than today,” said Lou Orfanos, Chief  Customer Officer and SVP of Product at Localytics. “The updates we’ve made to True Impact give marketers insights into their campaigns that aren’t available anywhere else, including impact on engagement, conversion and retention, as well as the adverse effects of a campaign. By showing marketers how their campaigns are driving changes in user behavior, we are empowering them to make far more informed choices when it comes to optimizing their mobile marketing strategy.”

Last year, the launch of True Impact helped to revolutionize mobile marketing and the way that marketers think about the success of their campaigns. Today, the new True Impact is giving marketers even more tools to understand how their campaigns are influencing user behavior  and closely tie their mobile campaigns to broader company goals.

The new True Impact includes a number of new enhancements and features, including:

  • A completely redesigned campaign reporting interface which surfaces a customer’s most important campaign metrics first. The metrics highlighted first can adapt depending on the goal for a particular campaign, giving customers the ability to quickly gauge campaign performance without having to wade through irrelevant data. From there, customers can dive into more details, including how user behavior changed after receiving the message, results of A/B tests, and more.  
  • The addition of more than a dozen new metrics around campaign performance and user behavior, including more detailed metrics for Engagement (number of sessions, average session length), Conversions, Retention, Revenue and Adverse effects, which shows the unintended side effects of a campaign (how many users disabled push notifications or uninstalled the app after the campaign). The Adverse metrics are a great way to understand if an app is over-messaging its users, accidentally sending them irrelevant content, or if the tone of the messages is turning users off.
  • Added intelligence through Goals, which allows customers to define the objective of their campaigns. True Impact tailors the information shown in the campaign report so that marketers can quickly see if the campaign is achieving its goal. In time, customers will also be able to track their goals and performance against other industry benchmarks.

The new True Impact is generally available now to all Localytics customers. Additional features, reports and capabilities will be rolled out in the coming months.

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