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Sep 2, 2015

Localytics Launches Remarketing to Drive Engagement through Personalized Ads


Companies Like Zipcar Use Remarketing to Re-Engage and Deepen Customer Relationships Across the App Lifecycle

Localytics, the leading lifecycle engagement platform for web and mobile apps, today announced the general availability of its new Remarketing product, which enables marketers to reach their users outside of the app experience with personalized advertisements on Facebook and other ad platforms. As a result, companies drive more value across the app lifecycle by deepening engagement with active users, winning back lost users, and acquiring valuable new users. 

Customers including Zipcar, Hopster and Kidizen participated in the Remarketing beta, with Zipcar using Localytics’ advertising audiences to run more targeted acquisition campaigns that resulted in a 15 percent increase in downloads and 30 percent lift in user engagement over previous campaigns.

“Companies need tools to help them keep in touch with their app users outside the app experience, given 48% of app users opt out of push notifications. Remarketing gives them that tool and the intelligence to know when and how to use it to drive higher user engagement and app growth,” noted Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics. “In addition to delivering highly targeted remarketing campaigns, the unparalleled power of Localytics is our ability to accurately measure the impact of campaigns on both conversions and retention. With the tools and insights to accurately measure ROI, marketers can make smarter decisions to grow their apps faster.

Remarketing, or retargeting, current customers based on their interactions with a brand is a common practice on the web, but there hasn’t been a simple way for apps to connect their rich user data to paid advertising channels. With Localytics, companies can create highly targeted advertising audiences to drive personalized remarketing campaigns on the platform’s integrated partners and mobile ad platforms, including Facebook. As the only app engagement platform to be a Mobile Measurement partner in Facebook’s Marketing Partner program, Localytics can attribute performance metrics such as engagement and conversion back to remarketing campaigns.

Marketers can leverage remarketing campaigns at all stages of the app lifecycle to:

  • Bolster user acquisition by identifying valuable audiences to use for lookalike targeting on Facebook and other advertising platforms
  • Engage and grow their app user-base by encouraging more frequent app usage or driving desired behaviors (upsell, cross-sell, discovery of new features, etc.)
  • Prevent churn and win back valuable users through re-engagement

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