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We understand what it takes to make an app successful. Localytics will help you know your users and give you the tools to engage with them. As your app grows, we’ll lend a helping hand at each step on the way.

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Enterprise Packages

Our platform is built to succeed today and scale for the future. We will work with you to determine which features best suit your mobile engagement needs. Enterprise-only features included are:

Dedicated Account Manager
Customized Packages
Raw Data Access
Personal Support
Product Training
Integration Assistance
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Custom Services

We’re passionate about helping customers drive engagement across the entire user lifecycle by delivering world-class technology, marketing and analytics expertise to our customers. To deliver on this mission, Localytics has services packages that will give you the mobile engagement edge your customers demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We count Monthly Active Users (MAUs) as people who have opened your app at least once in any given month. Billing by MAUs ensures that you don't get charged for inactive users.

While the functionality of the Free Trial and Enterprise is similar, the Free Trial does not include Email or Remarketing features. Organizations with over 10,000 MAUs receive the Enterprise package benefits. These benefits include additional onboarding help, access to higher priority support, and additional features that facilitate large user bases such as Raw Data Access and Unlimited Messaging.

Free trial users get access to standard email and phone support, as well as live, on-demand training and best practices documentation.

Free Trial users are able to purchase additional services by emailing or call us at 1.800.418.0746 for more information on these services.

Raw Data Access is only available from the moment you start an Enterprise plan. Data collected during a Free Trial is meant for evaluation, and will not be retroactively backfilled to your own Raw Data storage ​*upon upgrading*​ to Enterprise.

Enterprise pricing varies. Our goal is to offer you the best package that meets your business needs. Please contact an account representative today and we'll create a custom quote for you!

Localytics' Free Trial does not require any credit card or other payment details. For Enterprise pricing, payment, and billing options please contact one of our consultants to get the right fit for your needs by emailing or call us at 1.800.418.0746.

Value Beyond The Software

Learn from the Experts in Mobile

Since 2008, we've been working with the largest and most popular mobile publishers in the app stores. We've learned a ton along the way, and the mission of our Account Management team is to impart this deep knowledge and domain expertise to all of our customers to help you become a mobile engagement expert.

Deploy in Less Than 10 Minutes

Integration is easy – with our plug-and-play SDK and extensive documentation, you'll access real-time analytics and marketing in no time.

Available on All of Your Devices

We support all platforms – iOS, Android, Web, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Blackberry to ensure you have a unified view of your customers.