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It never hurts to get a refresher on what a push notification actually is, or everything covered by the term mobile marketing.

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The Ultimate Guide To App User Engagement

While many app marketers have mastered the art of acquiring new users, the ability to engage and retain those users still needs work.

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Push Notifications: 5 Trends You Need To Know

Push notifications are by far the most powerful tool at a mobile marketer's disposal. What other marketing technology grants you direct access to your customers?

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The 2018 Mobile Benchmark Report

Every six months Localytics publishes benchmark statistics on mobile app engagement. Here we have compiled our 2017 H2 benchmarks and insights into one easy to read report.

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Success of a 1st Year Program

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A Common Data Strategy for Marketing Orchestration

Learn how Macy’s works cross-channel with various internal marketing teams to send the right messages at the right time.

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The AI Revolution & Road to Superintelligence: Human Progress

Learn how humans get predictions wrong by underestimating the future and forgetting to take exponential growth into account.

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