Master your app marketing.

eMarketer Report: App Install Advertising: Key Challenges, Trends, and Effectiveness Ratings

eMarketer explores how to attract and retain qualified users to your app through effective app install advertising.

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A Beginner’s Guide to App Marketing

Move beyond downloads: learn how to engage, retain & convert your app users to increase loyalty & drive app ROI with this introductory guide to app marketing.

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Movember Case Study [Video]

Movember uses Localytics to measure feature popularity for greater user engagement.

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How to Build A Stellar App User Acquisition Strategy

An in-depth guide for building a stellar app user acquisition plan. In it, you'll find a full implementation strategy for pre and post app launch to accelerate growth.

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Quick Guide: Using The App User Lifecycle

Learn about the four stages of the App User Lifecycle & how you can use this guiding framework to build a better experience, prevent churn & ensure happy users.

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12 Mobile App Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Use these trusted app marketing strategies and reliable tactics to make your app great.

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