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It never hurts to get a refresher on what a push notification actually is, or everything covered by the term mobile marketing.

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Push Notification Best Practices and Mobile App Marketing Tips

Push Notifications: 5 Trends You Need To Know

Push notifications are by far the most powerful tool at a mobile marketer's disposal. What other marketing technology grants you direct access to your customers?

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Success of a 1st Year Program

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Tips for Leveraging Data to Delight Users

Learn about deploying data points to give users not just what they’re looking for, but what they actually want.

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Engaging Users to Build the World’s Best Play Experience

Learn how Hasbro’s iPlay division brings physical toys to life and generated $100 million in revenue in just five years with the help of Localytics.

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What GDPR Means for App Analytics and Mobile Engagement

In this Webinar, Product Manager Charlie Case and Product Marketing Manager Naike Romain discuss What GDPR Means for App Analytics and Engagement.

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2018 App Marketing Guide

Learn about the onboarding techniques and new technology successful brands are using to increase push opt-in and retention rates in 2018.

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