It's Beyond Personalization.

Reimagine what it means to digitally transform how you engage with your customers. Create meaningful experiences that treat your customers as individuals, connecting in ways that prove you really get them.

Gain Deep App & Web Insights Get real-time data from your app and website that goes beyond typical metrics to reveal what your customers are doing and thinking. Learn More
Boost Campaign Performance Plan your engagement strategies using insightful campaign reporting tools designed to continuously refine and improve your customer experiences. Learn More
Prevent Churn You want to stop customers from leaving your app and we can help you out. Spot customers who are most likely to churn and engage them with communications that will make them never want to leave. Learn More
Drive Conversions You want to drive results with your engagement campaigns, and we're here to make that easy. We help you identify customers who are more likely of converting, so you know who to engage to close the deal. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy. Learn More
Understand Uninstalls Identify customers deleting your app, understand why, and then re-engage with more personalized messaging designed to win them back. Learn More
Excite the Right Customers Better define your audience into super-specific groups and target them with relevant messaging that excites and engages. Get ready to watch your performance skyrocket. Learn More
Keep the Conversation Going Have dynamic conversations with your customers based on their interaction with your brand. Respond to each customer in real-time with behaviorally triggered campaigns based on their actions and preferences. Learn More
Localize Engagement There is always a perfect time and place to engage with your customers. Deliver relevant messages and offers in the moment based on the places your customers are visiting. Learn More
Optimize Engagement Make our AI/ML intelligence features your superpower so you can fine-tune your customer experiences even through their changing preferences, behaviors and trends. Learn More
Deliver Rich Experiences Don't just send messages, create experiences. Grab your customers' attention everytime with rich and dynamic communications that draw them right in. Learn More
Test For Success The best marketers are those who aren't afraid to try new ideas. Take advantage of powerful A/B testing capabilities so you can experiment. Then capitalize on what works, get rid of what doesn't and continuosly improve campaign results. Learn More
Communicate Instantly Across App & Web Send messages that matter across app and web. Share excitement, tell stories and connect with each user in a unique way every time. Learn More
Deliver Contextual Messages Within Your App Irrelevant pop-up messages within an app can be annoying. Contextual messaging based on your customer's activity and preferences is always welcome and will turn your communications into impactful conversion channels. Learn More
Deliver Lasting Messages Within Your App Important content can too easily be dismissed through a push, or can be lost in a mess of emails. Use App Inbox to reach customers with lasting, impactful messages based on their interests and actions, ensuring your vital communications stick. Learn More
Remain Top of Mind Drive re-engagement and conversions by getting in front of your customers outside the context of your app. Improve the relevancy of the ads you serve to customers, bringing them back to your brand. Learn More
Extend Engagement with Integrations & APIs Provide your customers with unified brand experiences thanks to powerful partnerships and APIs that bring Localytics and other technologies together with seamless integrations. Learn More