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Enhance the In-App Experience

The best time to interact with your customers is when they are already in your app since they have shown they are ready and open to engage with you. Hold their attention with personalized, relevant messages that spur action and improve the app experience. Get access to a variety of in-app message options, along with the deep segmentation and campaign reporting that Localytics is known for.

In-app messages give Localytics clients an average
increase in conversion rate over push messages

Localytics Usage Insights, 2019

Putting In-App Messages to Work

Use in-app messages as a way to soft-ask for push permissions. Upon download your customers may not fully grasp the value of receiving push messages. Once they’ve engaged more in the app you have another chance to prompt them to opt-in. 

At first a customer may not think they want push notifications from a retailer, but after shopping in your app and realizing the great brands and sale events you offer, they may be more likely to want to stay updated. Send them a soft-ask hammering home the benefits of push and watch your opt-ins rise.

Get More From Your In-App Messages


Create automated in-app messages that are displayed when a customer performs a specific action. These “triggered” messages have an average click through rate of 18%, compared to a 10% CTR for messages simply shown on app launch.

Campaign Reporting:

Click through rates and conversions aren’t enough to show how your in-app messages are influencing users. With True Impact, you can see exactly how your in-app messages moved the needle. You can even see details like if your new onboarding message led to more push opt-ins and reduced uninstalls

User-Friendly Message Builders:

With our WYSIWYG Creative Builder, you can build a new in-app message in a matter of seconds. Easily change colors, fonts, and images to ensure every message matches your app’s look and feel.

Or use our powerful In-App Builder to experiment with and create the message, design, layout and copy to use within your in-app campaigns.

In-App Messaging Features


Customize your message with four different sizing options including centered, full screen, and top and bottom banners.


Test different message content and style to optimize the in-app messages you serve to your customers.


Use our HTML uploader for more customization like carousels and surveys, or use our templates to get you started.


Share content or add visual interest to your in-app creatives with video.


Collect customer feedback, or gather new profile attributes that are automatically synced to their user data within Localytics.


Add movement or create interactive campaigns without the file size or production effort of a video.

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