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Combining Automation & Personalization

With Workflows you can create personalized, dynamic conversations with your customers based on the interactions they have with your brand. Build automated, behaviorally-triggered campaigns to deliver highly relevant and engaging experiences that respond to your customer’s actions and preferences.

Campaigns can branch out and adapt based on how your users interact with each message in the multi-step campaign. With Workflows, you can go beyond sending standalone messages and start creating immersive experiences that reach across channels to provide a unique experience to each user.

increase in customer engagement when you use Workflows

How To Use Workflows For Customer Engagement

Craft abandoned cart campaigns that are sent automatically once an item is left in the cart for an extended period of time. Create a message flow that starts with a reminder, and then layer on discounts or free shipping offers to drive revenue from what otherwise could be a lost sale. And don’t forget to thank your purchasing customers and engage them for reviews – all within the same Workflows campaign.

Make Your Workflows Even More Impactful

Deep Audience Segmentation

Combine historical, profile, behavioral and location-based data from within Localytics, as well as external sources via APIs, so you can segment audiences in more detail for more impactful and relevant interactions.

Engage Across Channels

Include multiple apps, app and web push and in-app messages within one campaign, saving time in campaign creation and ensuring you engage on the channel that is best suited for your users and your message. You can also use data from other systems like point of sale, order management or email to trigger messages for a seamless omni-channel experience.

Measure Performance

View real-time metrics for every step and message, right in the Workflows Canvas. See total entries, open rate, unreachable users, users still waiting within the workflow and more. You can also export your data for further analysis outside the Localytics Dashboard.

Workflows Features


Trigger a message based on geofences your customer has entered or exited, powered by our Places feature.


Dynamically personalize your notifications with details like customer name, their favorite category, and recent location visited.


Add rich content like images, videos and even personalized creatives powered by Movable Ink.


Send a push notifications and in-app messages in multiple languages based on your user’s settings


Determine how customers enter a campaign using any behavioral and profile attributes, and add limits to how often they can return.


Create dynamic campaigns using app push, web push and in-app messages, all in one workflow.

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