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Personalized location-based messaging

Personalize mobile app communications to your customers’ current location with Places™. At the heart of Places™ are geofences, virtual fences that are placed around a real-world location. They allow you to send push, in-app or inbox notifications to users the instant they enter or exit a specific location, even if they don’t have your app open. Geo push messages show 2.5X higher open rates than regular push. Additionally, you can analyze data on physical locations, giving you access to insights and geotargeting capabilities that have never before been available.

Geofence Editor

Here Are Some Ways You Can Use Places

Send location-based push messages to specific audiences the instant they approach or leave a geofence. For example, media and entertainment apps can target their users once they enter the concert venue to offer an upgrade to the VIP lounge or a discount for a snack.

Build trust and drive results

Balanced Between Personalization and Privacy

Customer privacy is critically important, especially when it comes to data regarding a user’s physical location. Places™ only works on devices where the user has opted into location tracking. Location data is only sent when a user enters/exits one of the geofences you have set up in Localytics or when the user is interacting with your app. As with everything in Localytics, we do not sell or share any of our customers’ data.

Geotargeting in a City
Geolocations Around the World

Maximizing ROI with “Geo Push”

Location-based campaigns, or “Geo Push”, are more effective than push because they target a user’s location in real time. According to our insights, 42% of customers are more likely to use the apps that target them based on location and geo push messages show 2 times higher conversion rate than regular push messages.

Places Features


Create up to 10,000 geofences


Get the most precise location possible thanks to the combination of GPS, WiFi and cell towers


Send real-time location-based messages to users the instant they enter or exit a geofence, including past activities


Add up to 10 custom attributes for highly detailed analysis

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