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Guide Your Customers Away From the Point of No Return

With Predictions, Localytics’ predictive analytics feature, you can look into the future and see which users will churn and get ahead of the situation before they do. Stop being reactive and instead get proactive and create campaigns that stop your customers from churning before they are gone for good. 

Churn Risk

What Can You Do With Churn Predictions?

Isolate your high churn-risk users and create re-engagement campaigns to nurture them back into your app or website. 

Envision a telecommunications company, they can target customers who have only opened the app twice over the last 60 days with discounts on premium packages, or a great deal when their phone is up for renewal. Then nudge them to purchase and prevent them from churning completely.

Churn Insights from User Trends

Related Behaviors

Learn how the behavior of users who churn is different from those that don’t. See the impact of your actions on churn, for example, are users who get three push messages in the first week on the app more likely to churn than those who get four?

Related Attributes

See how a user’s individual characteristics impact their likelihood of churning, like interests or specific demographic qualities. Use these insights to identify your least valuable users and optimize your acquisition strategy.

Churn Risk

Churn Predictions Features

Boost your app and web push campaigns with features that help you work smarter and faster.


Predictions divides users into three risk groups: high, medium and low, based on their likelihood of churning so you know where to act.


Create audiences based on your user segments to easily add them to your targeted re-engagement campaigns


Define your own churn models as they apply to your unique business needs and customers.

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