Drive results across the entire user lifecycle

Get the Quick Guide to the App User Lifecycle

The only way to successfully engage users across the lifecycle is to have one solution that seamlessly connects all of your user data with the marketing channels that matter most. That’s our sweet spot.

Market Smart

Your marketing efforts get amped up when the intelligence you have about your users is directly connected to your push, in-app, email and remarketing campaigns

Be Informed

Don’t miss the big picture by limiting yourself to campaign metrics—you may see conversion rise, but miss the impact on retention, you need the full LTV view

Stay Nimble

Don’t retag your app with multiple solutions—things move too fast and, inevitably, those connections will break down

Acquire valuable users

Know which user acquisition sources are driving your best ROI with Attribution beyond the download.

  • Localytics is the only analytics provider approved by the Facebook Marketing Partner and Twitter Mobile Measurement Partner programs.
  • Covering over 85% of the mobile ad market through partnerships with the leading ad networks and ad tracking partners
  • Deep analytics are connected to your acquisition efforts so you can easily optimize ad spend

Engage your users personally

Once you've acquired a user, it is crucial to have granular analytics to deliver the best possible app experience.

  • Analyze real-time data to reduce drop-offs, boost conversion, and create flexible target audiences
  • Reach users at the right time with personalized push, in-app, and email marketing
  • Test what works and what doesn't to drive further mobile engagement
  • Export audiences from Localytics directly to Facebook and measure the ROI of remarketing campaigns

Grow your mobile ROI

Engaging users regularly is key to app growth and driving mobile ROI.

  • Personalize your messages with custom creative
  • Use deep links to guide users to the right place in your app
  • Trigger instant notifications after a specific action or series of actions
  • Deepen engagement to grow the volume of ad inventory you can monetize

Retain your users

It's not enough to just acquire users. You must proactively and pre-emptively retain them.

  • Know what drives conversion so you can unlock mobile ROI
  • Understand the behaviors related to user churn so you can optimize your retention efforts
  • Send targeted messages to drive user engagement and bring people back into the app

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