Runkeeper: Mobile App Personalization Case Study


Watch Erin Glabets and Chris Miller, of Runkeeper, prove how providing personalized, timely content to their mobile app users has increased conversion and user loyalty.

Resources Case Study Runkeeper: Mobile App Personalization Case Study

Runkeeper is using Localytics to get insights the help shape its product vision. Using Localytics, Runkeeper was able to determine that runners participating in challenges logged more miles than those that didn’t, so they expanded their challenge programs and offered rewards for meeting goals along the way. Localytics also enabled Runkeeper to create conversion funnels to track activity and understand which challenges were resonating best in order to offer more of those challenges moving forward. Lastly, Runkeeper was able to send push and in-app messages that were triggered by actions in the app. Reaching users with relevant content at the right time has helped Runkeeper add more value and gain loyal, engaged app users.

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