The 6Ws Personalization Framework

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What is the 6Ws Personalization Framework?

In today’s market, 64% of customers say that their experience with a brand is more important than a price tag in their purchase decision. A better customer experience will drive customer loyalty, larger purchases, and positive reviews. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through customizing these experiences to your customers’ behaviors and interests. 

We’ve developed a step-by-step framework to make the seemingly impossible task of incorporating personalization into your customer engagement strategy, manageable. 

By using a simple framework you can make complex personalization efforts easy and efficient. Simply follow the 6 W’s we all learned in grade school. Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How (we aren’t going to call this “5W’s and an H” we’re not Neanderthals!) Through each, you’ll cater to each facet of your customers lives, beyond just their demographics. 

Use each piece of the framework to build a robust personalized customer engagement campaign:


Why—we like to start here. Why are you running this campaign? Whether you’re liquidating a product, taking advantage of a holiday, or onboarding your users to your app to increase retention, “why” is the foundation for your campaign.

Who—this is classic list segmentation. Determining who will receive the campaign through profile, behavioral, and sessions data will narrow down your list.

What—the offer and creative. Determine the product, the promotion, from a BOGO deal to a new product announcement, and the visual and copy, catered to each customer.

When—there are 86,400 possibilities in a day when you can send a message to your customers. Distinguish which of these options is the best time to send a personalized message to your customers by taking advantage of AI-powered capability.

Where—which platform is your customer’s favorite? Personalization towards a preferred channel, from social to mobile or email to web, will increase engagement

How (often)—frequency is key. Bombarding users may risk losing them forever. Not enough and you may miss out on revenue opportunities.


Why is personalized customer engagement important?

This reverts back to building the best customer experience your brand can deliver. Consumers react positively when the engagements they have with brands are relevant to their lives. Through personalized messaging, their experience will be elevated and brand loyalty will strengthen and ARPU will increase.

But does personalization actually impact the customer experience? Data doesn’t lie and the data showcases how much impact you can expect from delivering personalized customer experiences. And the more personalized you get, you’ll see even more improvement.

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How does customer data impact marketing personalization?

Customer data should be the foundation of your marketing personalization. Without it, all we have as marketers is intuition, and that can only get us so far. But by adding AI and data into the mix, you can uncover exactly what you need to know. Who the campaign will resonate with, where it’ll be, at what time, which channel, and at what frequency. 

Personalization Calculator

How mature is your personalization strategy?

To understand where your brand falls on the personalization framework, use our Stages of Personalization calculator.


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