December 4, 2013

iPad Air Wins Black Friday-Cyber Monday: New Devices Increase by 51%


According to a recent VentureBeat article, 54% of parents are looking to buy technology gifts this year. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday now behind us, many of the temporary deals that make these two holidays so popular are also expiring. How successful were retailers at selling their mobile devices to the masses? Of the many mobile devices that were discounted this past weekend, it appears there is a clear winner: the iPad Air.

 Localytics examined the weekly growth during the Black Friday weekend, as compared to the previous weekend. According to Localytics’ data, a whopping 51% more new iPad Air devices were seen than the previous week. This is due to a combination of factors, including Apple’s promotion of giving gift cards with purchases of the iPad Air and iPad Mini (but not iPad Mini 2nd gen) devices. This, combined with a smaller base of iPad Air devices and the novelty of the iPad Air (released on November 1st) resulted in the iPad Air dominating on Black Friday weekend. Apple’s older iPad Mini model finished second, and the iPhone 5c took third. As previously reported by Localytics, the iPhone 5c is gaining on its more sophisticated cousin, the 5s, during the past couple months.

On the Android side, the Kindle Fire HD 7” and the newest Samsung smartphone, the S IV, saw the greatest growth of new devices. The Kindle Fire HD is the Android tablet exhibiting the largest new device growth from the previous week. The growth of the Kindle Fire HD 7” is likely the result of a temporary $50 price drop that expired on Monday.

Thanks to these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, more tablets and phones have been placed into the hands of the average consumer, broadening the reach, revenue potential, and everyday influence of mobile apps. As Tim Cook predicted, it’s really looking like an iPad Christmas.


Localytics is the leading analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps across more than 1 billion devices, 20,000 apps and 5,000 customers. Localytics processes 50 billion data points monthly. For this report, we compared the new devices seen on Black Friday weekend (Nov 29 – Dec 2) against the new devices seen the previous weekend (Nov 22 – Nov 25), with a sample of over 1 million new devices.

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  • Scott Wilson

    This is great and all, but “percentage change of sales” doesn’t show actual sales. If only ten of the unpopular iPhone 5C sold the week prior, and 20 sold this week, a “50 percent increase!” wouldn’t mean very much. Lets see actual numbers, and not just ones cherry picked to make Apple look good.

  • webster miller

    Let’s not also forget that everyone knew that BF/CM weekend would probably be the only time iPads would come with a hefty discounts (or gift cards/rebates/whatever). Only a complete moron would have purchased one the prior weekend.

  • Scott Wilson

    TLDR; Apple’s sales were obviously horrible or we’d be seeing actual sales instead of the meaningless “percentage change” nonsense. Somebody is trying to do Apple a favor because they are a fanboy.

  • Ryan Kramer

    I worry for you Scott if you think the article was too long. It’s pretty dang short. The percentage change nonsense (your inflammatory langauge, not mine) is to point to the effect a sale has on a device vs it’s typical demand, not purely the sales themselves. (But then, you probably know that.) Nothing really revealing though, as it’s more of a stark indicator of just how rare sales on Apple products are (as webster indicated above.)

    And “fanboy?” Am I the only one who’s so sick to death of that term that I’ve banned the word from my lexicon?

  • Jurassic

    According to a recent report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, “Almost half” of those buying Apple’s iPhone 5C were switching from Android-based competitors, especially Korean giants Samsung and LG.

    And InfoScout reports that that roughly 40% of Black Friday iPad purchases could be attributed to existing Android smartphone users.

    So it appears that there is good reason for Apple having a “low end” iPhone 5C, and continuing to sell older iPads… they are honey to Android switchers looking for a less costly entry into the iOS world. ;-))

  • webster miller

    I’m sorry but when the author titles the article “iPad Air Wins Black Friday-Cyber Monday: New Devices Increase by 51%”, it’s pretty obvious what they are attempting to do.

  • Jurassic

    Although in the US and other affluent nations, the iPhone 5S is more popular than the iPhone 5C, there are two things to remember:

    1) The iPhone 5C is the more popular model in less affluent countries where the phone is not subsidized.

    2) Even in the US, the iPhone 5C (though selling less than the iPhone 5S) was reported as selling better than the best selling Android phone (Galaxy S4).

    Since sales of the iPhone 5C grew 26%, and sales of Samsung Galaxy S4 grew 20% in the same period, it means that the gap between the sales of the iPhone 5C and the Galaxy S4 grew even wider than previously.

  • Scott Wilson

    I’m going to restate what I said since Apple fanboys are flipping out due to a lack of understanding:

    Percentage change is meaningless without the rest of the data. It quite literally means nothing and shows nothing without knowing the actual amounts. That’s part of the data. So the question becomes how horrible have Apple’s sales been if they have the data (they obviously have it to calculate these numbers) and they aren’t showing it?

  • Scott Wilson

    What webster said They either need to write less confusing click-bait, or they need to include all the data instead of just the Apple favoring parts.

  • Scott Wilson

    Are you just rattling off fan fiction, or are there actual numbers somewhere to back up these flights of fancy? I’m sure not finding any.

  • Scott Wilson

    Kantar is essentially worthless. They aren’t quite as useless as ComScore, but are more reliable than asymco who just takes ComScore’s useless numbers and makes them Apple shaped.

  • jmmx

    Have to agree with you – to some extent. As a just launched product, we are seeing a 51% increase but of how many? not really much data here.

    Still, it is not totally useless. We know that in 4 days half as many were sold as in almost a month – including the launch weekend. It does show that sales were very good.

  • Scott Wilson

    Exactly. What is 51 percent of don’t know?

  • Secular_Investor

    Absolutely right Scott! We must reject obviously biased real sales data surveys like this.

    We must continue to trust instead on the far more reliable shipping estimates of Strategy Analytics and IDC which, after retrospectively discovering tens of millions of “other” Android devices, clearly prove that Androids rule the world and have taken over 80% of the smartphone and tablet markets.

    We must also ignore all those unreliable web usage data surveys which for some incredible reason show that iOS dominates the internet.

    Given the reliable shipping guesses from Strategy Analytics and IDC it is obviously totally impossible to accept Adfonic’s survey results which show that iOS has 63% of global ad impressions and Android’s share is down 6% to just 32%.

    And it is obviously a conspiracy that Adfonic’s web usage data shows iPad with 76% of global tablet ad impressions., which is suspiciously like Chikita’s repeated finding that iPads have over 80% of ad impressions in the North America. How is it possible for Android’s 80% share of the tablet shipments only to register such a small share of web usage? It is quite obviously a stitch up, isn’t it?

    And IBM are obviously also part of this conspiracy with their Black Friday survey report which showed that 5 times as many internet sales came for iOS devices than from Androids.

    It is equally far fetched that Nanigan’s analysis of Facebook adverts found that the return on investment on iOS adverts was nearly 18 times that of Android.

    And it is totally absurd that App Annie found that iOS generated 3x the US Gaming revenue that Google Play did in Q3 2013/

    Kantar are part of this anti-Android conspiracy with their survey showing that in October iPhones took 52% of US and 76% of Japan’s smartphones sales.

    Clearly Net Applications are also part of this anti-Android conspiracy because web usage results also consistently show iOS dominates the internet.

    We must also totally reject the calumny that the reason Strategy Analytics and IDC Android shipments are not reflected in the real world of web usage surveys and carrier activations, is that many tens of millions of the Android tablets they discovered and labelled “other” are nothing more than Android USB sticks loaded with pirated movies. Google would never, ever in a million years register USB sticks as tablets, would they? What a ridiculous suggestion?

  • Scott Wilson

    Blah blah blah whole bunch of attempts to justify ignorance.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Hell, CONTEXT would be nice here. Percentage change data is MEANINGLESS without the data behind it. Now, we KNOW they have that data or they could not have derived these numbers. And without those numbers, this could be completely made up.

  • Secular_Investor


  • Scott Wilson

    hahaha. Gotcha.

  • Secular_Investor

    “percentage change data is MEANINGLESS with the data behind it.”

    Just as meaningless as fictional guesses/estimates of “shipments” and claims that Android has over 80% of smartphones and tablet market share, which bear no relationship whatever to mountains of web usage data from many different sources.

    As you say “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” and all the evidence shows that the extraordinary shipping guesstimates from Strategy Analytics and IDC is totally contradicted by real data from many independent sources.

    Most of Android’s growth in sales has come from cheap, white box devices which use forked versions of Android which shut out Google adverts and exclude their users from Google Play.

    Now we discover that many tens of millions of these so called Android “tablets” are nothing more than Android USB sticks used for pirated movies, avoiding paying copyright to film and video producers, but registered by Google as “tablets”.

    How is it possible for Android to have over 80% share of the tablet market but for iPads to have 76% share of web usage?

    Tablets are almost by definition used for surfing the internet, doing emails, sending messages, twittering and posting on Facebook, but Android tablets just don’t show up on the internet. Why?

    Come on Scot, explain that.

  • Scott Wilson

    What I can’t explain is your very transparent attempts to change the subject, or childishly bait me in some manner similar to a Miss Marple or Jane Austen novel.

    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Hell, CONTEXT would be nice here. Percentage change data is MEANINGLESS without the data behind it. Now, we KNOW they have that data or they could not have derived these numbers. And without those numbers, this could be completely made up.”

    To remind you of what the topic was since you seem to have ADHD and can’t rememeber it.

  • Secular_Investor

    Yes Scott, anything which disagrees with Strategy Analytics and IDC fantasy “shipping” number is worthless.

    BTW, Kantar belong to WPP, which is Samsung’s main advertising and marketing agency.

  • Secular_Investor

    “Are you just rattling off fan fiction, or are there actual numbers somewhere to back up these flights of fancy?”

    You’re priceless Scott. The only people to actually disclose real numbers is Apple and US carriers….LOL

    Google, Samsung, Amazon and all Apple’s competitors go out of their way TO HIDE THEIR NUMBERS. They all REFUSE to disclose the actual number of smartphones and tablets that they actually sell…..LOL


    Because, they can then rely on the fantasy shipping numbers from the likes of Strategy Analytics and IDC which act like PR agencies make absurd, exaggerated claims that Android have more than 80% of the tablet market, when all the independent data consistently shows that iPads have over 70% of web usage.

    Where are all those missing Android tablets?

  • Scott Wilson

    No wonder they are worthless.

  • Secular_Investor

    “hahaha. Gotcha.”

    You really don’t understand just how ridiculous you are.

    You complain that you don’t understand what percent means.

    You claim that only real sales numbers count.

    Yet ONLY APPLE discloses sales numbers.

    Google, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft and all Apple’s competitors refuse to disclose actual numbers of sales.


  • Scott Wilson

    You don’t have to keep arguing about things with yourself. Nobody thinks you look cool.

  • Secular_Investor

    Scott, as you insist on numbers, even though Google/Motorola, Samsung, Microsoft and all Apples’ rivals refuse to publish theirs, so I will set them out here.

    Apple do publish their sales numbers. So we can use them and Adfonic’s web usage data to see how many of Apple’s rival’s tablets there really are in use.


    Apple have sold a total of 172.2 million iPads. According to Adfonics, iPads account for 76% of tablet web usage measured by ad impressions. Therefore there approximately a total of 226.6 million tablets in use. That means there are 54.4 million tablets in use made by Apple’s competitors

    Of these there are:

    8.8 million Galaxy Tab 2 in use (3.9% share of usage)

    4.98 million Galaxy Tab 7 in use (2.2% share of usage)

    4.08 million Nexus 7 in use (1.8% share of usage)

    2.72 million Kindle Fire HD in use(1.2% share of usage)

    2.49 million Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 in use1.1% share of usage)

    2.26 million Kindle Fire in use(1.0% share os use)

    2.26 million Galaxy Tab 2 10 in use(1.0% share of use)

    2.04 million Galaxy Note in use (0.9% share of use)

    1.13 million Iconia Tab in use (0.5% share of use)

    23.56 million “Other” in use (10.4% share of use)

    Obviously Strategy Analytics and IDC have a lot of explaining to do.

  • Secular_Investor

    “Nobody thinks you look cool.”

    Scott, you need some counselling when you resort to pre-adolescent talk like that.

  • Scott Wilson

    Stop trying to make it about you.

  • Secular_Investor

    WOW. You really do have some problems.

    I an quoting facts and numbers and it is YOU who has started making childish personal remarks about me.

    Just stick to the facts and numbers and explain why Strategy Analytics and IDC’s wildly exaggerated shipping numbers are contradicted by numerous, independent web usage surveys which show that the iPhone and iPad have far greater internet usage numbers than Android? How is that possible?

    Do Android phone and tablet users just not use them for browsing the internet, sending and receiving emails, tweeting, posting on Facebook and for shopping on the internet?

  • Smurel

    How much samsung pays you for these comments, spammer?

  • jmmx

    I have to admit that I misread the article here:

    “Localytics examined the weekly growth during the Black Friday weekend, as compared to the previous weekend.”

    I missed what the comparison was to.

    So here what the comparison is referring to is clear – Each product’s sales for the previous weekend.

    Real numbers still are not clear – but at least we are comparing reasonably consistent concepts. Since the Air is new, we can assume sales are robust. Therefore 51% is very significant. Meanwhile – the G Tab 2 7″ ekes out a piddly 8% over what was a mucho lower figure. (No wonder – it only runs a stale 1-1/2 year old OS.)

    The G S IV – only 7 moths old, should be in a steady state of sales, lower than at initial release, but in the “mature” stage, and prior to drop anticipating a new model. 20% is a reasonable bump, but just shows how fantastic is the 51% for the Air.

    Scott, sometimes you just have to live with more qualitative data. It many not be definitive, but if you cannot read the implications…. then I think you are just in denial.

  • Scott Wilson

    No, I don’t. Meaningless data is meaningless data. They obviously have the sales figures or they couldn’t generate this data. They aren’t sharing those figures. So either they aren’t being honest about what their data actually is and they are embarassed to share it, or that data shows something that isn’t friendly to Apple. I can’t think of any other reason not to share the underlying data.

    This is meaningless click-fodder for Apple apologists.

  • jmmx

    No dude – it is NOT meaningless. Localytics may not have real numbers – they may only have a sampling. Therefore they cannot say for certain what real US or world wide sales numbers are – ONLY that their samplings indicate the reported changes.

    The post seems to be click fodder for certain apple deniers as well. Some people will put this data into their heads, weigh it against other similar analyses, and come up with their own conclusions as to how sales are going. It is just one piece of the puzzle that will not be known for certain until Jan 28ish when Apple does its release. But if all signals are pointing in the same direction then the investor can move forward with some confidence.

    I spend my time replying to you trusting that you are not just a troll seeking to stir things up.


  • Scott Wilson

    I’m an Apple developer. I’m just not crazy like you. You crazy Apple evangelists running around forums, making all us Apple users look like knobs. YOU ARE NOT HELPING! Apple isn’t going to read these comments and want to marry you. They are cringing and saying to themselves “I wish more sane people liked us like Scott. That guy is awesome. And he’s good looking.”

  • Scott Wilson

    Everything is meaningless that you have to give meaning because it doesn’t contain context. There is no context provided. So I’m supposed to take on “faith” that these numbers mean anything. And I’m sorry. As a longtime Apple user, I’m sick of faith-based tech.

  • jmmx

    there is no faith here
    it saays exactly what what it means
    localytics says that there data says 51% more airs were sold last in that week than in previous

    take it for what it is worth – any idiot can understand that.
    if it is meaningless to you stop harassing others who find some meaning there. I took the time to explain it – you understand it or you don’t. YOu have gone over the limit and passed into being a jerk.

  • Scott Wilson

    Let me paint a more likely scenario. Apple maintains a very famous blacklist.

    They manipulate the press with it. Localytics obviously is privy to some very important numbers to generate these. That access could disappear pretty quickly if they made Apple angry. So posting the actual data they used would probably show how poorly the iPad Mini Retina is selling due to Apple’s horrible supply chain skills. Now, doesn’t that make just a little more sense than having faith?

  • Guest


  • Ryan Kramer

    Yes, the title is saying Apple did quite well against their competitors. And that’s TRUE.

  • Kevin Blackman

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