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We believe that great data is necessary for great engagement. Only Localytics brings together user insights, smart targeting, and marketing automation to power great engagement across the lifecycle.

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User Insights

You need to know your users to engage them.

Having the best data is the key to breaking through the noise. Know who your users are, understand their behavior in your app, and track their interactions across every other channel so you can create truly personalized engagement campaigns to capture their attention.

Smart Targeting

The right message at the right time won’t work if it reaches the wrong user.

With Localytics you can put all your data and rich insights to work to drive targeted engagement across the user lifecycle. Nurture new users, prompt conversion, and reduce churn with intelligently targeted, personalized campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation alone results in notifications.

Marketing automation backed by powerful targeting and rich insights results in higher user engagement, revenue, and retention. Reach users with personalized campaigns on the most relevant channels, see the impact of each campaign on your most important business goals, and optimize campaigns over time to drive the best experiences for your users.


Our platform is built to succeed today and scale for the future.

We're a mobile engagement platform first, but we know that mobile is just one part of your business. We make it easy to bring relevant data into our platform to fuel mobile engagement, and to share mobile data outside Localytics for a smarter business everywhere.

Learn how our platform helps you acquire, engage, grow, and retain great users.

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