In-App Notifications

Deepen engagement with contextual in-app notifications

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In-App_1Display the Right Message in the Right Context

Alert users to new features or content by triggering a message to appear when they open the app, or nudge them along the right path by triggering a message when they complete specific actions, like finishing a run or adding an item to their shopping cart. Use all the data you collect about your users to drive even more personalized targeting.

The Complete Guide to In-App Messaging


Customize Message Creative

Easily create beautiful messages right in the dashboard, or upload any custom-built HTML creative. Localytics messages are fully flexible and support interactive capabilities, including multiple calls to action and surveys. Tag events within an interactive message to understand exactly how users engage with your campaigns.

How to Create Truly Awesome In-App and Push Messaging Content


See What’s Working and Optimize Faster

A/B test up to 10 creative variants in each campaign, then compare message recipients to a control group to easily see what’s having a positive impact and what’s not. True Impact measures the impact of in-app campaigns on engagement, conversion, and revenue so you can see ROI right away. Make smarter optimization decisions and achieve your app growth goals faster.