Geofencing to Unite the Digital and Physical Worlds

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Users always have their devices with them.

Places lets you take advantage of this by sending your mobile app users content that’s personalized to their current location. With Places, you can send push notifications to users the instant they enter or exit a specific location, even if they don’t have your app open. Additionally, you can analyze data on physical locations, giving you access to insights and geotargeting capabilities that have never before been available.

Geofence Editor

Here Are Some Ways You Can Use Places

Send location-based push messages to specific audiences the instant they approach or leave a geofence.

Location Based Message Outside Store

How it Works

At the heart of Places are geofences. A geofence is a virtual fence that’s placed around a real-world location. They can range in size from very small (encircling a store) to very large (covering an entire city). Most often, geofences are placed around specific buildings or other points of interest.

Geotargeting in a City

Places can support up to 10,000 geofences and you can quickly batch-upload locations. Once you’ve added at least one geofence to Places, you can start viewing analytics and building location-based mobile marketing campaigns.

Geolocations Around the World

Building a Location-Based Campaign with Places is Easy

  • Choose an Audience

    You can have your campaign get sent to everyone who enters/exits a location or you can limit the campaign to specific groups of app users for truly personalized mobile engagement.

  • Build Your Message

    Use A/B/n testing to see how different messages perform.

  • Choose Geofences

    Choose which geofences you want to include in your campaign. Labels make it easy to group together multiple locations. Using labels, you can add hundreds of geofences to a campaign with a single click.

  • Schedule Campaign

    Manually control your location-based marketing campaign or set it to automatically start and stop at a specific date and time.

  • Activate Campaign

    Activate your campaign and you’re done!

Building a Location-Based Message

Balanced Between Personalization and Privacy

Customer privacy is critically important, especially when it comes to data regarding a user’s physical location. Places only works on devices where the user has opted into location tracking. Even then, it does not continuously send your users’ location data to Localytics. Location data is only sent when a user enters/exits one of the geofences you have set up in Localytics or when the user is interacting with your app. As with everything in Localytics, we do not sell or share any of our customers’ data.

Places Features



  • Fully integrated part of the Localytics platform. No additional SDKs, dashboards, or vendors required
  • Uses a combination of GPS, WiFi and cell towers for the most accurate location possible
  • Create up to 10,000 geofences
  • Geofences work even if a user doesn’t have your application open
  • Organize your geofences using labels.With labels, you can add hundreds of related geofences to a campaign with one click
  • Negligible impact on battery life



  • Send real-time location-based messages to users the instant they enter or exit a geofence
  • Include as many geofences as you want in each campaign
  • Messages are stored in user’s device, ensuring instant delivery even if they don’t have a cell signal
  • Build audiences based on which geofences a user has entered/exited in the past
  • Distinct messaging and analytics capabilities: capture geofencing analytics without sending a location-based message and vice versa



  • Collect data on your geofences (foot traffic, dwell time, and more)
  • Add up to ten custom attributes to your geofences. Use these for highly detailed analysis

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We’re just scratching the surface of what Places can do for you. To see more, schedule a demo with one of our knowledgeable associates.

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