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Send more effective push notifications with Localytics

Push notifications are the bread and butter of many digital marketing strategies – and with good reason – they can be incredibly effective if used correctly. However, it’s also very easy to misuse them and annoy users with irrelevant, unhelpful messages.

If you want to use push the right way, you need Localytics’ push notification service. Our industry-leading targeting capabilities and True ImpactTM campaign reports make it easy for you to effectively engage users across mobile and web without alienating them.

Example mobile app rich push notification using Localytics

Here Are Some Ways You Can Use Push Notifications


Showcase app content that will appeal to a specific user

iOS Rich Push Notification with Video


Drive app revenue through targeted offers & abandoned cart campaigns

Push Notifications with Emojis


Update users on important information like the status of an order or a breaking news story

Breaking News Rich Push Notifications


Improve retention by re-engaging users who haven’t opened your app in a while

Push Notifications to Re-Engage Mobile App Users


With Localytics you can also send push notifications to your web users on a variety of devices
including laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, enhancing your customer’s experience with custom promotional codes, content, product launches and more.

iOS Rich Push Notification with Video

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The links below are a set of example notifications that you can interact with to see the possibilities of web push. Clicking on the buttons below will show one notification to demonstrate a particular option in the notification API. If you just want to see what a notification looks like in your browser with all the UI options set, click the buttons below


Target users based on who they are and what they’ve done in your app. Craft personalized campaigns that adapt the experience to each user and improve engagement, conversions, and loyalty.

Push notifications that use Localytics’ targeting engine drive a:

increase in conversions

Targeting Push Notifications at Specific Users

Rich Push Notifications

Rich Push Notifications on iPhones

With Localytics, you can include images, GIFs, videos, or audio files directly in your app push and web push notifications for more compelling messages that deliver results. We support rich content for both iOS and Android devices.

Localytics rich push notifications can drive a:

Lift in 7-day retention

Campaign Reporting

Mobile App Marketing Campaign Analytics

True Impact is our industry-leading campaign reporting tool. With True Impact, you can see exactly how your push notifications drive changes in user behavior. You can even see unintended side effects, like if a campaign is causing users to opt out of push notifications or uninstall your app. By showing you the complete picture of what users do after they receive a message, True Impact™ allows you to make more informed decisions about your messaging strategy.

Additional Features


Because Localytics tracks incredibly detailed information on what a user does inside your app or website, it’s easy to automatically send a message after a user performs a specific action. You can even use Localytics Places™ to send a location-based push notification the instant a user enters or exits a geofence.


Because apps and websites don’t have borders, Localytics lets you send a push notification in multiple languages. You can also schedule messages to appear at a specific time in each user’s time zone.


Personalized content is one part of creating an individualized digital experience. Dynamically personalize your push notifications for each and every user, using information such as a user’s name, their favorite category, and more. You can even personalize things like deep links and rich push content.


Test up to 10 versions of every campaign and find the message that resonates the best with your users. Control groups let you see the true performance of your push messages.


Not only do emojis add some personality to your push messages, they can also do a lot to increase your push open rates.


Our Push API makes it possible for other systems to automatically send push notifications through Localytics. For example, an order management system can send a transactional push notification to a user telling them that their order has shipped.

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