Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment has evolved beyond physical newspapers and the tv screen.

To keep up with the way customers want to consume content, you need to be mobile. Localytics has the app analytics and mobile engagement tools you need to make sure that your app experience is consistent with your other channels and keeps users coming back.

Create a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

With everyone accessing their favorite content across multiple devices, it can be difficult to get a full picture of your user engagement. Localytics solves this by providing support for all your apps, from OTT to mobile. Localytics gives you the complete picture of app user engagement so you can tailor your content across platforms and create the most personalized and engaging user experience.

Update Users on Your Latest Content

Localytics gives you with all the details about the types of content your users consume, so you can start to make suggestions about what they should check out next. Send push notifications or in-app messages to your users whenever new content they’ll be interested in becomes available and increase app engagement.

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Create Customized Recommendations

You can only send so many push or in-app notifications before you start to annoy people. How can you recommend new content without overwhelming users? The answer is Inbox. Build a list of recommendations using Inbox and users can check them out at their leisure. It’s the perfect balance between being helpful without being pushy.

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Media and entertainment companies have a unique challenge: turning once-established experiences—flipping through the newspaper or sitting down in front of the TV—into highly personal digital experiences.

Using Localytics, you can do more than just translate your analog content for the digital world; you can create personalized, in-app experiences tailored to your users. Keep them up-to-date and strengthen their relationship with your brand! To learn more schedule a demo with our sales team.
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