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Explore the Possibilities of App Inbox

App Inbox is similar to an email inbox, but instead of being accessed via a cluttered email account, it is accessed inside your app. And, App Inbox content doesn’t disappear instantly like Push or In-App messages allowing you to reach mobile users with easily accessible personalized promotions, key documents and time sensitive communications.

Whether you’re looking to onboard new users, increase user LTV, or deepen your relationships with your users, app inbox is a great addition to your mobile marketing strategy.

Bring More Value to Your App With App Inbox

Use your App Inbox to keep your users informed and up to date by sending them important documents like contracts, tax info, financial documents, and travel itineraries directly to their app. 

FinServe apps can ensure that annual contributions and tax statements are easily found to avoid calls to the customer center about misplaced or lost documents.

Build more convenient communications

Create more personalized, lasting messages

Easily maintain a consistent drumbeat of engaging content. By allowing users to consume content at their leisure, app inbox allows you to build a more relaxed, intimate mobile marketing strategy.

Increase retention, engagement, and conversions with UI A/B testing

Get creative with your UI and use App Inbox to power A/B testing of your app’s user interface. Use Inbox to test things like button colors, menu layouts, and images to discover what your users love the most.

Complement Push & In-App with Inbox

Push and in-app are the leading mobile messaging channels with good reason, but they have limitations, they disappear immediately and there is no way for users to go back and revisit content. App Inbox makes it easy for you to maintain a consistent drumbeat of engaging content by allowing users to read messages at their leisure.

App Inbox Features


Use Localytics advanced user segmentation for App Inbox campaigns to target the right users with the right message


Experiment with the design, layout, and copy of In-App messages for future mobile marketing campaigns.


Start and/or stop at a specific date and time or control each inbox campaign manually.


Only users who qualify for a campaign will get a message, and if a user no longer qualifies, the message will automatically disappear from their inbox.


A/B test up to 10 different creatives versions in each App Inbox campaign and measure engagement, conversions, and revenue for each message.

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