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Oct 2, 2017

Localytics Customers Outperform the Industry by Achieving 40% Growth in Monthly Active App Users


Customers are achieving stronger results because they have a deep understanding of which channels and messages drive the most value for their mobile users

BOSTON, October 2, 2017: Localytics, the leading mobile engagement platform, today announced that its customers, which include major brands like ESPN, CVS, Comcast, Grindr, Wendy’s and Weather Channel, have grown their monthly active users (MAUs) by 40% in the last year. This growth was achieved despite an industry-wide decline in the number of apps that consumers are using and the fact that, on average, 24% of people abandon an app after just one use. By contrast, Localytics customers are seeing 4% higher retention rates during the user’s first two weeks, as well as 16% higher opt-in rates for push notifications, versus brands using other platforms.

Thanks to this growth, the total number of users reached by Localytics customers has grown to nearly 500 million monthly active users and 100 million daily active users. These users are engaging across 37,000 apps on more than 2.7 billion devices.

“When it comes to mobile, results matter,” said Lou Orfanos, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Localytics. “Our customers are achieving stronger results than the rest of the market because they have a deep understanding of which channels, and more importantly, which messages are actually driving value for their users. By integrating critical data and engagement channels into a single powerful platform, we are helping our customers deliver a better user experience that keeps people returning to their apps.”

On average, apps running Localytics have healthier users than apps running on different mobile engagement platforms that are heavily focused on channel coordination. Localytics provides advanced targeting capabilities and shows customers exactly how their messages are changing user behavior, enabling them to send even more relevant messages. Receiving highly relevant messages leads to more users opting in to other messages, which ultimately leads to higher retention rates and happier, more engaged users. In fact, Localytics found that the average retention rate after three months with users who have opted-in for push is 41% as opposed to 18% for those who have opted out.

“These results validate that mobile is truly about quality over quantity,” said Orfanos. “One targeted, highly relevant message will have far more positive impact than sending three generic messages. Results speak louder than words, and Localytics’ unrivaled data, targeting and performance tracking capabilities help our customers outperform their peers when it comes to getting the most out of their mobile apps.”

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